Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Empire Celestial Hurricanum - Pushing Plastic To It's Limit!

The Celestial Hurricanum is one of the most finely detailed models that I have come across. From the leather bound books stored inside the caravan, the carving on the floor, the embossed lettering and even the rivets on the horses armour barding has left me very impressed.

The model is on the standard size chariot base (50mm x 100mm) to give you an indication of the overall size. I think that it is safe to say that my '00' paint brush, usual saved for eye balls etc., has never been so busy.

Within the game the vehicle can make your nearby troops harder to hit and gives your forces magic bonuses. It moves like a standard chariot, it has a stat line that is mediocre in fighting, but it is not designed for a fight more so boosting other troops around it.

The overall model shows two warhorses pulling a top heavy chariot with magical orbs on a strange turning mechanism.

The first acolyte is based on a 'bridge' that has a clear view of the battle field. (Yes I have painted the facial hair since this photo was taken.)

The second acolyte is collecting books and scrolls, no doubt containing all the spells required for the up coming battle.

The name 'Celestial Hurricanum' implies some connection with the heavens, so the colouring of the orbs reflected strange looking planets and other objects of the sky.

Matching coloured horses pull the heavy chariot into battle.

There is space to place optional objects such as telescopes on the railing but I did not feel the need to us any for fear of hiding the acolyte.

This little beauty has taken me close to two days to paint and has taken me longer than any other model including the Empire Steam tank but I have enjoyed all of it. I just hope it keeps its place in the army and does not prove to be a damp squib.


  1. Fantastic looking piece of kit Ade, well worth the effort.

  2. Great paint-job Ade and a nice centrepiece for your army.

  3. From what I've seen of the Celestial Hurricanum in battle it is awesome. +1 to hit to all nearby units (in close combat) is great for Empire especially if the nearby units have a warrior priest. +1 power dice is also very handy. The bound spell(s) are a bit naff but to be honest you don't need them... Lovely model, well painted!