Sunday, 18 November 2012

Chaos Ogres - Khorne - Kit Bashing

With the updates and new models breathing new life into the Warriors of Chaos from Warhammer I thought that I'd make A couple of units of Chaos Ogres.

The first is that of the Khorne Theme.

This is the unit that I decided to give a revamp. You will note the poor condition of the unit as the had already been stripped of paint and then coated in the flesh primer from army builder.

Khorne is known for it's straight forward frenzied fighting so I decided to tool up the ogres with patches of armour and huge weapons.

I removed the standard ogre belly plates and replaced them with marauder shields (some from a cavalry box and some from a infantry unit).Traditional ogre weapons were also replaced with Warrior of Chaos weapons. The arm pads were stretched in order to fit the ogre shoulder.

The helmet for the unit is actually made up from the knights shoulder pads. The skeleton face on the front with a more traditional heavy should pad on the back of the head.

This photo shows the armoured unit before the undercoat of paint. I include it to show where the models have been changed.

The full command of the unit is shown here after receiving the grey undercoat ready for painting. The captain of the unit has a Japanese style back banner to distinguish him from the unique rank and file troops.

Second rank of Khorne ogres shows the use of the Chaos Knights Lances and enscrolled weapons giving them the chaos feel.

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