Sunday, 18 November 2012

Chaos Ogres - Tzeench - Kit Bashing

With the updates and new models breathing new life into the Warriors of Chaos from Warhammer I thought that I'd make A couple of units of Chaos Ogres.

The second unit is that of the Tzeench Theme. Tzeench is the god of change so it really gives you an opportunity to use bits from any of your old sprues and make some unique figures.

This is the beaten up unit of six ogres that I dug out for a Chaos revamp.

This is an example of one of the ogres after the changes have been made. From memory his left hand is the foot off a tyranid prime, the spikes growing out of his arms and shoulders are from another ogre piece of armour plating and the right hand is a horn. You will note the extensive use of the liquid green stuff to make the joints between the old and new look more natural.

Front row after the grey undercoat.

Remaining ogres after the conversions and under coat.

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