Friday, 14 October 2011

A Thousand Points of Ogres

I've been under the weather this week with laryngitis. If the say 'every cloud has a silver lining' is true my silver lining this week has been that I now know how to spell laryngitis! I've been sleeping most of the time and haven't been in my shed for over a week! I even had to cancel a gaming session with Jon last Sunday! 

On the road to recovery now (still sore but without the Barry White voiced box!) and managed to get in my man cave for a couple of hours this evening to take some photos of the ogres that have been waiting for me.

This is the new slaughter-master/butcher in finecast. I was a bit disappointed in the quality of this model as I had to put extras onto his back to hide the roughness of his back in some areas. I think it ironic that GW have just released a range of tools to help correct errors with their finecast that in itself was supposed to correct the casting process of metal. 

This guy has an insatiable appitite so racks of meat ready for a snack seemed appropriate.

The Tyrant/ bruiser character was created from a bog standard ogre with extra work on the helmet, base and armour to give him the distinguished look.

The lead belchers use cannons as guns. Not very accurate but deadly at short range.

Iron guts are the elite fighters of the ogres. I used a combination of bronze and silver metallics to differentiate between them and the basic ogre troops shown below.