Saturday, 23 March 2013

Painting Diary 2013 - 6

The amount of painting I have done this month has been low to say the least. Most of my spare time has been used editing videos for the wargamingforfun YouTube channel. I did get a bonus day this month due to an unseasonal snow day and managed to get my mitts on these guys.

 This is the front and back view of an Empire Captain riding a Pegasus. It comes from a bit of kit basing of several kits. A Pegasus from Bretonnia and an Inner Circle Knight from the Empire, with some Demigryph bits thrown in for good measure and even a pistoleer's arm.

The red heraldry ties the flyer in with the rest of my Empire army.

I left in his earring as the marauder head looked suitably windswept for someone flying through the air.

Swooping into battle, got to have a cloak.

Around a year ago I bought two Warsphinx off eBay. They had been put together solidly but not neatly and needed a bit of a refurb. At two for the price of one though I still felt like I'd had a bargain.

I haven't done a painting tutorial on these as the model in places shows gluing joints and I like to use new models for the tutorials. A bit of time though and these guys are ready for war.

I have used two golds, both Baltasar and Auger (?), to get the two tone effect on the metal work. The actual sphinx is under coated black and then line painted with a light blue. I could have toned this down with a wash but I feel it adds to the 'magical' creature effect.

The howdah I just base coated and then used the Quick Shade from Army Painter and then the purity seal from GW to tone down the shine. While a basic technique it is effective and matches the rest of the Tomb King army that I am building.

Here Kitty Kitty!!

Painted models so far in 2013 = 57