Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Custom Blood Bowl Board - Chaos Dwarves

Andy asked if I'd have a go at making a Blood Bowl field for his Chaos Dwarf Team. The local games club is starting a league and his team needed a 'home' ground.

I was given the brief of a simple lava pool with floating slabs.

Here are some photos of the completed project.

Having never played the game I had to do some homework on appropriate sizes and number of squares. 

The lava is a yellow with a red glaze. The grey tiles are a mid grey with a sepia wash. The scoring zones were painted in either blue or red inks followed by a brown wash to dirty the areas.

The image in the middle is a free hand representation of the logo for the Chaos Dwarf Blood Bowl team.

The tiles were placed by hand and kept approximately in line with minor imperfections to imply the movement of the tiles on the lava.