Sunday, 18 November 2012

Bolt Action - WargamingForFun learns a new gaming system.

While visiting the Derby World Wargames show in October with a couple of good friend (Neil and Matt Perks of fame.) we had a demonstration game of the relatively new skirmish game called Bolt Action.

The game is similar in feel to 40K in that it is a skirmish game but it does not use the conventional turn system  rather a unit by unit activation where orders of unit are drawn randomly.

I bought the rule book on the day and will be doing a series of videos on the gaming system over the next month or so.

Joshua, my son, and I visited a local game store yesterday and bought a couple of boxes to play the game with. A Waffen SS German box and a US Marine Corps box shown above.

The 21 men are supplied in two blister packs with heads on a separate sprue so that you can mix and match your troops.

The contents of the box include a commander, medic,  flame thrower crews, machine gun, two units of 5 men and a mortar team. In gaming terms this is around 350 points that will allow us to play small games while we get to know the rules. With Matt already deciding to collect the Russians we should get some good games and exciting scenery on the go soon. 

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