Sunday, 25 November 2012

I Can See the Light - Luminark of Hysh

I have finally completed the Luminark of Hysh for my Empire Army. Painting in white is something that I always find tricky and this was no exception.

Chariot sized and from the same kit as the Celestial Hurricanum the Luminark has a 'Light Gun' on top to focus magical energy into an attack.

One of the acolytes 'primes' the machine with a potion of some kind.

The other collects the manuscripts ready to calculate targets.

The rear view for completeness.
Game Overview (Source )
The Luminark of Hysh (arcane battle altar) is a rare choice chariot for the forces of the Empire in 8th edition Warhammer, it can also be taken as a mount for a wizard lord who uses the lore of light. It is a chariot which carries an array of lens which are used to focus the power of light magic. In the game this grants nearby units a 6+ ward save and allows the luminark to cast a powerful magic missile spell in the magic phase. This innate bound spell is called Solheim's bolt of illumination.

It is pulled by two warhorses and crewed by two acolytes (basic humans) if a wizard lord uses it as a mount he replaces one of the crew. The luminark comes as is and no upgrades or options are available to it.


  1. Looks great Ade. Can't wait to see it on the battlefield!

  2. Nice job Ade, I know what you mean about painting white - it is very tricky. Very easy to make it look like an undercoat.