Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Bolt Action - US Marine Corps Box Set - Warlord Games

Last week I popped my knee at work. This has had a major impact on my mobility but it does mean that I have had a bit of extra time for painting, being 'trapped' in a chair.

I have finished painting a couple of the box sets from Warlord Games for the Bolt Action rule set. The initial coat was army green from Army Painter's range of primers. The Straps, belts, and pouches I painted in khaki. Both of these I gave a wash coating of the camouflage green from GW. Cadian flesh followed by the flesh wash was applied to all the skin. Wood I painted in scorched brown and metal in gun metalic. Leather boots is dark flesh highlighted with leather brown. 

The bases are made up of a sand mix. This was painted graveyard earth and dry brush with the new Greybeard Grey again from GW.

The rules for Bolt Action are a bit vague about size of bases. I think that 25 mm is standard for single figures. In fact the new plastic miniatures come with 25 mm plastic bases. When it comes to larger bases for the weapons teams I used 60 mm for the US Marines and a mixture of 40 mm and 60 mm with the Waffen -SS. 

A light mortar crew. Two men that can move and fire with a 24 inch range. 

A Flame thrower team. Two men that can move and fire, short range but potentially devastating upon crews.

Medic and unit upgrade of a stretcher bearer. Heals wounded troops within 6 inches on the role of a 6. (Could have done with one of these when my knee popped!)

Radio operator that can be used to call in bombardments.

A small unit of Marines 1 NCO and four men. NCO has a sub-machine gun upgrade.

Second unit of Marines again NCO with a sub-machine gun upgrade and four other men. One man has a shotgun rather than the usual rifle.

MMG team or part of. I usually use the casualty marine as the third member of the team during games. Can't wait until I am back on my feet to play again.

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