Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Bolt Action - Waffen-SS Grenadiers - Warlord Games

The Waffen-SS Box Set from Warlord Games gives you around 400 points. Enough to get your head around the rules. Due to the fact they were an elite force they are rated veteran in the book giving them a higher leadership and making the harder to kill.

In the painting I have tried to stick to something resembling the actual uniform rather than being an exact replica.  Trousers and caps in light grey with a black wash. The coats had a basic coat of green. On to this a dark green patch was applied and a spot of desert yellow in to the patch. All leather such as boots and belts I painted black.

Apparently the Germans used the same machine gun for both the light and medium machine guns. In the game the light machine gun is represented by a two man crew and the medium by a three man crew.

A medium mortar has a longer range than the light mortar but is unable to move and fire.

Radio operators are used to call in air strikes and arty.

 A small infantry unit with an NCO armed with an assault rifle, two sub-machine gun upgrades. 

A second infantry unit armed with rifles. Only the NCO has the upgrade in this unit but one soldier does have a panzerfaust.

A veteran medic helps keep nearby units alive.

Company commander with an optional upgrade 'body guard' runs across the battle field.

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