Thursday, 13 December 2012

Firebelly - First Attempts at Source Lighting - Ogre Kingdoms

The fire belly from the Ogre Kingdom faction of Warhammer gives the painter an excellent opportunity to use object source lighting. This is a method of painting that gives the impression that part of the model is illuminating other parts of the model. In this case it is the fire issuing from the fire belly's mouth.

After painting the model I used the yellow wash from to highlight the areas where I felt the light from the fire would be most intense. The face plate and the belly plate, being metal, would give a good reflection of the fire. The top corner of the hammer and even the top edge of the sword all had the yellow wash treatment.

To indicate a harshness light source I exaggerated the creases in the skin of the ogre to imply shade away from the light.


  1. Love that that lighting effect Ade, looks very impressive.

  2. Hello Ade,

    Really love what you have done there! I have my Firebelly to do over the Xmas break, did you use a wash or a glaze? I never realised it was so simple to do the light sourcing, yours looks excellent!


    1. Hi Rich, from memory I used a yellow wash to mark where the light would hit and both a yellow wash, then patches of red glaze and finally a coat of yellow glaze on the actual flame. This was to try to indicate the different temperatures of the flame. Simple but time consuming as each coat has to be completely dry to avoid the 'blotting around the edges. Hard to tell from the photos but there is also a light touch of yellow on the skin of his shoulder and arm. Ade