Sunday, 28 October 2012

Refurbishing Hell-blaster Guns - Budget Wargaming

Hell blasters are definitely worth considering when building an Empire army. Around a year ago I bought two great cannons and two hell blasters for around £10. They were badly painted and the crew had missing parts, or in some cases missing crew members. 

I included step by step photos in a previous blog post of Refurbishing Cannons where I stripped with Detol and then repainted, replacing missing parts during the process.

This week it was the turn of two Hell Blasters.  

The one on the left has all of the original metal crew where as the one on the right only has one of the original crew and two replacements.

This close up shows the two replacement crew members. The bodies are from Empire militia with some Luminark crewman arms and a head. The other guy (with the hat) changed his sword for the top part of a demigryph lance and his entire right arm with a dwarf crewmen arm.

Hopefully the mini diorama will give the impression of the crew testing wind direction and speed in order to calculate their shot. 

The standard crew look like they are reloading and adjusting the Hell Blaster ready for the nest shot. I found it important with the metal figures to pin them to the base as well as glueing to help make them robust when playing.

The bases are chariot size bases (50mm x 100mm) to give a standard size for the big guns in the Empire Army. As with all of my metal miniature I gave them a generous 'purity seal' coating to help resist against the paint chipping.

In total I saved around £50 for the refurb, four machine at £15.50, a total of £62 each rather than the £10 I paid second hand. I would advise checking any photos on ebay carefully before buying as some models are too far gone to rescue.

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