Saturday, 13 October 2012

Emperor Karl Franz - Empire General Supreme!

At 555 point Karl Franz on Death Claw doesn't come cheep. If you upgrade his Reikland Runfang to Ghal Maraz that will cost you a further 30 points. However as Generals go he arguably the best. At first I was reluctant to have him in my fast response themed army at the quarter of the cost of a 2500 point army. I am sure that he will become a 'cannonball magnet' but for the occasion game he's great fun.

The base for this model is the same size as a chariot. (50mm x 100mm) This will give you an indication of the size of the overall model.

I followed the colour scheme in the book as close as my limited talent would allow me. The wings I gave a sand coloured base coat with layers of brown wash. The large outer feathers also had a coat of black wash to give a contrast. Through out I used citadel washes on this figure.

The front breast plate of deathclaw is packed with embossed detail. I am a little disappointed with the gap in the plating and my hopes that it would be covered in the paintwork were not realised. In time I will come back to the model to patch this up.

A side view shows the transition on the model between the 'tiger' and the 'bird'.

I still think that Karl's face needs some work to make it more realistic.


  1. Looks really good mate the feathers in particular are excellent! RE the face/karl franz's armour its nothing a little riekland fleshshade and nuln oil cant fix!

    Have you magnetised him so he can go on a horse? He would fit really well in you all mounted 2500pt list in that case and still has a 18" leadership 10 bubble! Also the magic resistance passes onto his unit! Utter filth imo!

  2. Blimey Ade, that's a big model! Great paint job, very nice shading.