Sunday, 23 September 2012

Air Brush Spraying Booth - Studio Gets an Update

I have been thinking for a while of upgrading the ventilation in the man cave to remove the unwanted paint spray from the airbrush. Up to now I've used a filtered solder fume extractor and an open door but during the winter months it can be chilly. I wanted a system that totally remove the unwanted air from the mancave and at the same time not be fixed in one location tying up vital 'real estate' on my desk.

In order to do this I used a 35litre tub, a shower ventilation fan, a tumble dryer hose, and an exterior vent plate. If you want to see how read on!

35 litre tub £4.99

Vent cover £2.99

Tumble dryer hose £2.99 (this one came with a jubilee clip)

Extractor fan, often used for ventilating in door kitchens and bathrooms to remove unwanted fumes. £19.99

First I marked out the fan size hole that I would need in the back of the plastic tub.

 I found it move effective to use my 'dremel drill' to remove the unwanted plastic.

I then found out a cable left over from an electrical appliance and removed the unit plug off of the end. This provided me with a ready made power lead. [PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A BLOG OF HOW I DID THIS NOT AN INSTRUCTION LIST FOR YOU TO DO THE SAME. PLEASE ONLY MESS WITH MAINS POWER IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING!]

Once I had removed the rubber sleeving from the wire it looked like this. 

 The automatic bathroom fan comes on when the light switch is turned on. To simulate this I used a small connecting piece of wire.

You can see in the above picture the small wire connected between the mains power and the light switch input. 

I then popped the two front covers on.

I then marked four bolt holes and fixed the fan to the tub.

This is the pane of glass that I removed (yes broken by my son during his football training in the garden!)

I cut out the piece of 5mm HIPS, I could have used acrylic but I had this to hand. I then used the same technique to remove the circle as I did on the tub.

This picture shows the four bolts holding the fan vent in place. 

An outside view of the fan vent.

The fan vent is great at keeping outside the rain, closing automatically with gravity when the fan is not on.

Plastic with vent in place.

An air hose is connected between the plastic plate and the tub using a jubilee clip. This allows for the tub to me moved around the desk.

 In place ready for airbrushing on the desk.

Not many of the things that I airbrush will be as big as a hell brute but I thought I would show him in there to give an indication of the size.

I am hoping that this £30 rig will help to look after my lungs and when the tub looks a little worn it will only cost the price to a new tub to carry on. 

Hope this has been of some use, Ade


  1. Genius! Shows the power of applied thought at n doubt a fraction of the cost of any "commercial solution"

  2. Very nice mod Ade, great piece of engineering and a proper bargain!

  3. Very nice, I think this is the perfect addition to my work station, thanks for this!

  4. You gave me a brilliant idea. Great work.