Sunday, 9 September 2012

Empire Demigryph Knights - Painting Tutorial Tease

After a busy five days at work I decided to sit down and chill out by making a painting tutorial for the new empire demigryph knights. The painting tutorial series 'painting for us mere mortals' is aimed at novices or those with a low skill set to help them improve. So far it has been relatively popular and over time I anticipate building up a good range of model tutorials. I would add add this point that I do not view myself as an especially good painter but I am a teacher and enjoy passing on things that I have picked up or that I have been shown.

The new empire demigryph knights are monsterous cavalry and are comparable with the mournfang cavalry of the Ogre Kingdoms army in Warhammer Fantasy. Looking at the stats they seem slightly harder hitting than mournfang but more brittle on defence. 

The kit is supplied in boxes of three and these have full command. Eventually I intend to field up to two units of four. I don't think the second ranks are effective with these as only the rider gets to attack from the second rank and with these it is the demigryph who you are paying the points for.

A close up of the model shows that, even with a basic paint job, the models look great. There are some reigns that I have yet to fit.

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