Sunday, 2 September 2012

Empire Steam Tank - Painting Tutorial Tease

I have just completed a painting tutorial for the Empire Steam Tank and thought that I would share the finished photos before the tutorial release later this week.

I am not going to give away too many secrets here, you will have to watch the vid for that ;) but I used a graphics pen to do the text. This tip was given to me by Matt Perks ( and has saved me tip and stress when doing text. I still feel I can improve in this area but that will come with practice.

The steam tank captain does look more like Santa than a hardened veteran but I like the idea of a professor fighting with his inventions than a sword and shield. As a side point you can build the steam tank engineer with a more grizzled look with the ample head and arm configurations provided in the kit.

Every steam engine should have a red section on the valve, and of course the needle should be kept on the danger line at all times!


  1. The steam tank is looking awesome buddy, very good job!

  2. Great paintjob Ade, love the valves!