Sunday, 28 October 2012

Wagon From An Alternative Manufacturer -

I have often been intrigued with models made with laser cutters. Being able to transform a 2D design into a 3D object is quite clever.With this in mind I decided to try out a General Purpose Wagon from

I have included the blank sprue once the kit has been made. It is around A5 in size.

The above photos shown the kit assembled with the optional canopy hoops.

Under coated in grey.

A simple paint job with basic washes gives it table top standard look.

The kit was easily put together using wood glue. The instructions consist of step by step photographs with text explaining the content. The scale fits in well with the 28mm scale figures and the price of £5 is about right. I will use as scenery rather than models in the game as it is brittle. If you drop this or lean on it it will break and stay broken so I would be reluctant to by any more purely for this reason. I am just too clumsy and need more robust models. 

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  1. Interesting looking model. You can buy a seperate pair of oxen from a shop in Brum if you're ever tempted to make up a 'working' set.