Sunday, 28 October 2012

Painting An Abbey - Warhammer Fantasy Buildings

I have had several of the buildings from Games Workshop for a while now. They have even been used in many of the battle reports on the and youtube battle reports. It is only recently that I have made an effort to paint them properly rather than the spray the walls and roof technique.

This week it was the turn of the Abbey. I decided to paint the statues on the side bronze rather than carved stone. A black was over stone grey boulders. A blue band with yellow iconography around the middle. 

I decided to use both the roof window and the trap door to hide the missing tiles of the kit. Still not decided whether the torch on the left hand side of the door will be repaired yet.

I am still not sure about the clock with the yellow hands but I can always come back to it if needed. I completed it with a purity seal to protect the structure over the many years that it will feature on the battle field.

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