Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Wargaming Castle - Part 4

With the application of a black under coat then 'over brushed' with a medium grey the castle prototype is starting to look more like a finished product.

The door was made from a scrap of balsa that I had at hand. Not very convincing I'm sure you'd agree, I think this that it needs some kind of stone frame to go around it.

No so bad from a distance.

The battlement bracing have worked well considering that they were the off cuts from the merlons.

Still working on a stair case to finish the narrative of the structure. I am considering magnetising the joins between the castle components. This will add to the robustness of the structures during game play.


  1. Great piece of terrain Ade, looking forward to 'smashing' it to pieces and storming the ramparts.

  2. The stone effect is so realistic! Excellent bit of painting Ade!