Monday, 20 August 2012

Wargaming Castle - Part 2

Today's prototyping involved making a wooden scaffold style of stair to narrate where the troops could access the battlements. I mentioned in a previous blog that I wanted to use this form of stair case as it is more flexible than a stone staircase fixed to the wall.

In terms of game play the stair case is irrelevant as troops that can move into base contact with the wall automatically occupy it if the wall is not garrisoned. 

I feel that this attempt hasn't worked out that well. It extends to far out from the wall taking up too much space inside a give castle. I was worried that the slopes would be too 'rabbit hutch' in appearance but at this scale I think they work.

 In essence the main mistake I made with this was in using a base width for a figure as the basis for choosing the dimensions. This resulted in a stair case 45mm square, too big to work, so back to the drawing board.

The next few photos so the size of the blocks I've implied by scoring the styrofoam. The lower blocks are 15mm high with the battlements being 5mm high. 

To finish my modelling session I gave the section of wall an undercoat of black acrylic paint ready for the grey stone colour tomorrow. (Notice the shine patches where the paint hasn't dried yet?)

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  1. Mmm... medieval walls you say? I've just finished making something to smash those into smithereens! - only in a figurative sense, of course.