Saturday, 18 August 2012

Wargaming Castle - Part 1

After completing the Necron prototypes I was itching to start a new fantasy project using the 'blue foam.

The 'Blood in the Badlands' book released by GW are the rules for castle fighting for fantasy. It is based around the Warhammer Castle set ( costing at the moment £61.50 for four towers, three wall sections, and a gate section.

I have for a while now wanted to use the expansion rules to play some games but at the same time not wanted to spend that kind of money. 

So armed with around £1.50 worth of foam, a pack of blades and some waterbased contact adhesive I set about making a prototype section of castle wall.

The base part of the wall is 6 inches tall with the battlements being a further 2 inches. The battlements are over lapped by an inch to allow an area for the contact adhesive. Each of the embrasure (groove) at the top is an inch wide and 1/2 inch deep. This section of wall is 16 inches in length. I am going to design the towers to be 4 inches creating a total castle footprint of 24 inches. (16+4+4)

This side view shows the overlap of the battlements and wall section. The triangles were a by product from cutting out the embrasures and merlons on the top of the battlements. They do indicate some kind of support for the overhanging brick work on the wall.

At the bottom of the battlements I also cut a 45 degree slope to break up the 'blockiness' of the building. The stairs to the castle wall I intend to make out of wooden scaffolding structures so that they can be deployed in different areas as required.

The walkway at the top of the wall section is 50mm (2 inches) wide allowing for troops to be garrisoned two ranks deep. Ideal in Warhammer for shooting and fighting.  

Not sure how much protection these merlons and embrasures would give the soldiers behind but they allow fully ranked troops to see over the top and still keep them in 'legal' gaming formations.

The wall section does seem plain at the moment so when the glue is fully cured I will add some brickwork to it.

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  1. What do you use to cut your foam so nicely with? Good looking castle BTW.