Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Necropolis - Part 2

Day two of the Necron prototype was all about the application of paint. Initially I added a base-coat / undercoat of black. This, I find, saves time and paint as subsequent colours do not require multiple coats to cover a given area.

The texture on the board is a sand mix with different size sand grains glued to the surface with PVA glue.


After the initial base coat I then applied burnt umber (dark brown) to the base and metallic black for the structure.

Highlights and symbols on the structure were painted on in the brightest green paint that I could find in the paint range. This lines on the edges and a few symbols on the remaining structure. I dry brushed the sand with a light grey to pick out the grains to give an almost frozen mud look to the base.

The whirl pool is still not dry in these photos. Hopefully when the gloss varnish dries and becomes more translucent the swirl will become more evident. I would normally use yacht varnish for this but managed to leave my tin at work so I used the normal Vallejo gloss.

The next piece that I will hopefully be able to make videos for is shown below. The shape is common on the new Necron vehicle releases and I thought that a structure influenced by this shape would look natural on a Necron home world. I cut the basic shape into segments and placed smaller connection pieces between the block. It is my intention to have these smaller pieces 'glowing on the finished models.

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  1. Great paint job, looking forward to seeing the video.