Sunday, 27 March 2011

Come fly with me...

I find it hard to believe that it's been over two months since my last post. That said I haven't done that much 'modelling' in that time. My brother Jon has finally decided to get his 4000 points of dwarfs painted and has 'commissioned' me to do the for him. Family rates of course which barely pay for the pizzas and fizzy pop that I consume while painting. 

We went to the WMMS 2011 - Alumwell wargaming show with two mates Matt and Neil Perks. Jon has invested in some black dice after becoming convinced that his yellow are cursed. This has been an ongoing joke on our youtube channel wargamingforfun.

Today though I was in the mood for modelling so I decided to scratch build a Sorcerer on a disc of Tzeentch for my Warriors of Chaos Army and hearing the call of the glue I set about the task.


The body shows a Chaos Warrior front body and head with a Chaos knights back cut to fit.

 Next I wanted a burning Magic Staff. To accomplish this I used a Champion's sword hand and a Knight's lance. I have used this lance before and I think it favours a 'flaming' look at the end.

Cuts made are shown in this photo using a craft knife rather than pliers. This minimises any distortion introduced when cutting. 

Glueing to try to ensure a straight rod rather than a 'boomerang' effect.

For the base I used a 40mm square 3mm thick piece of acrylic with a spare clear flying piece from a previous kit.

A list of components scavenged from other left over bits. The disc is a sprue clock face from the GW Abbey kit. All the rest are from various Warriors of Chaos kits that I have collected over the past 12 months. 

The electronic helping hands are invaluable when fighting gravity and helping glue.

Decided to mount the Sorcerer on the rear of the disc so that he looks like that he is controlling the flight of the disc with his weight.

The base has been decorated with several bits of Chaos paraphernalia to give the disc a more dynamic pose. The acrylic base has been covered with modelling paste and rocks that when painted will assist in the 'lava' look to tie in with the rest of my army. 

He needs some time for the glue to fully cure before painting and moving (he has already fallen apart once due to trying to move him before he is ready) updates on paint job to follow.

Please feel free to comment.

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  1. Posts are just like a 126 bus, you wait two months for one and then two turn up at once!

    That's one ugly dude, another great 'how to' post.