Sunday, 16 January 2011

Customising A Dark Angels Tactical Squad

I can’t believe that it has been around three weeks since my last blog. My target of completing a Budget Blood Angel Squad has been put on hold, mainly due to a couple of other projects I have had underway.

Firstly my family bought me a a hell cannon for Christmas and of course I couldn’t leave it in the box, so out it came and I had to play test it!!! My brother and I had several games over the holidays and we posted the results on you tube. Truly cringe TV (link: )

Secondly, I am going to get together with some of my mates some time in February and play in a 1000 point mini league. As my son already has a Blood Angels army I have decided to start a Dark Angels army to avoid having two armies of the same type in the league. 

I have always found the look of the Dark Angels and Black Templar marines appealing. I think that the robes add character.

I was intending to customise the look of the basic marines, using blades and weapons included on the usual sprue. 

In order to get the poses below I have mainly cut and re-glued wrists shoulders and elbows. My intent was to make the troops look like they are readying for close quarter combats.

Two pictures of a marine with a blade behind his back ready to slice incoming enemy.
 Nun-chucks, while showing off with a rear shot.
 Cant see fix on the telescopic vision!
 Hide the bolter behind you and maybe they'll think it's a knife fight.
 Probably the easiest conversion out of all of them.
 A variation on the flamer theme seen on many battle fields.

You can never have too many blades.

Feel free to comment and offer advice.


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  1. Why bring a knife to a gunfight when you can bring knives and guns!

    Nice work Ade, looking forward to seeing the finished reslts.