Sunday, 27 March 2011

Do you have a light?

The Warriors of Chaos are an elite army in that most of the troops are expensive, points wise, tough and well disciplined. For my next army I have decided to go the opposite so I have chosen Skaven.

I have bought many units from the 'Island of Blood' starter box as these are exceptional value for money. I will post as I complete but I am intending to do some money saving tips because if building a Skaven army you are going to need lots of figures.

After watching a video where smoke for 'Flames of War' was made using scenery normally used for bushes. I decided to take the idea further and use it for my Warpfire throwers.

With the key word being 'fire' I tried one as flame.  I think this needs some yellow to indicate more heat and maybe some grey to indicate smoke.

I wanted to try greens to represent the filth of the Skaven. I was a bit concerned that this would reinforce the 'bush' illusion rather than the putrid liquid that I wanted. I think that the fluorescent greens and yellows along with the dirty white have helped to achieve this.

I think both models would benfit from some directional lighting.

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  1. Great looking figures Ade. Those flames & filth look excellent, very clever idea.