Sunday, 20 May 2012

Working in White - Painting an Exemplar Cinerator Unit

I have been experimenting with some of the new paints from citadel. The Cinerator, from the Protectorate of Menoth, is around the size of a Space Marine Terminator. You will see that the base is still not complete but I took some photos to demonstrate the new 'White Scar' layer paint from Citadel. The paint itself spreads onto the miniature quite nicely then dries more transparent than the initial appearance would give the impression.

Initially the whole model was painted in 'Bleached bone' as I wanted to paint the highlights rather than shade the lowlights. This is a very similar colour to P3's Menoth Base. I then went over the entire model with white scar leaving only the areas that I thought would be in shade.

The shield still has lines rather froman even coverage. This is from the base coat though rather than the white layer.

 The gold is also done using a base coat and layer. First I used Balthasar Gold, a bronze metallic colour, followed by Auric Armour Gold, similar to polished gold. I found the base Balthasar gold to be very thick in consistency and had to dilute to avoid losing the detail of the model, but it was still smooth. Together these two paints gave an excellent gold appearance. I have tried several golds over the years and do feel that the new paint is an improvement on the lumpy acrylic metals that I have been used to.

The text on the linen cloth hanging off the shield was done with a graphics pen with a 0.1mm pen. A tip from who has been using one for years giving sight to thousands of eyeballs. 

I will post more as I complete the unit. Like most of us I have a lot of projects on the go and really need to focus on a few things to get them finished.

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