Sunday, 27 May 2012

Kit Bashing To Build Empire Characters

For a while now I've toyed with the idea of making an Empire 'fast response' army where everything is on horseback or other mounts. This would represent an army designed to protect outlying villages and towns. It is not going to be the most competetive list, lets face it I'm stuffed when it comes to the watchtower scenario, but it will be very playable down at the club.

In order to do this I have had to organise rides for several characters so that they can keep up with the regular units. I have done this using bits from other kits and a couple of recycled soldiers from other factions. This has two advantages in that your army will have a unique look and it also keeps the cost down.

The characters I am going to discuss here are a couple of Battle Wizards, a Warrior Priest and a BSB for those important re-rolls.

The first Battle Wizard shown above is made up from the torso of a great sword, head and hands from the battle wizards kit. The arms and cape are spares from the pistoleers/outrider box. Finally the the legs and horse are recycled Marauder Horsemen from the Warriors of Chaos faction. I removed all the arrows, symbols of chaos and the armour off the legs and legs. These legs were chosen over the empire legs as they are relatively armour free and suit the 'fluff' of wizards better that plate armour for the knights.

Close inspection of the photos will show the bare grey plastic where the symbols have been removed.

The procedure was pretty much identical for the second Battle Wizard. I have spent more time on this model however using some of the empire extras from various sprues to further hide any reference to chaos on the model. 

I feel both have given me a model that is dynamic and narrative as they race around the battle field casting all important spells.

The next model is that of the Warrior Priest. I already have Luthor Russ and wanted the new warrior priest to be similar yet different. The legs and arms are that of an inner circle knight. The torso is from the sharp shooter of the outrider box and is suitable as it has a great cross embossed into the chest plate. Ideal for a priest. The head is from the great sword sprue. .Bald with a scar across his face. The perfect selection for a priest. Finally the sword and dagger fixed to the barding if from the swordsmen sprue giving him the option to use a shield without blocking the view of his breastplate.

The final model to discuss is that of the BSB and the only one that I am not 100 percent happy with. The banner for a BSB has to be prominent but I just cannot tell if the banner will work until painted. I feel like it looks clumsy the way the banner combines into one. Still I will look at it with a fresh pair of eyes over the coming days.

I have been wondering what I could possibly use this 'clock work cupid' for.

I will definitely be changing the head. I built this guy first before using the same head of the Warrior Priest and will give him a shield so that too may mean the removal of the models left arm as well. This guys in for a rough few days.

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