Sunday, 4 September 2011

Imperial Guard Project - Commissar Yarrick

I've spent a few days painting up some Imperial Guard that I've had stored away for close to twelve months now. The intention is to sell this starter army, around 1000 points on ebay.

The HQ for this army is Commissar Yarrick.

The miniature is metal rather than the new finecast version. I was keen to paint the miniature in the exact colour scheme for this character but was surprised to see different versions of him even on the official GW site. I decided in the end to use the colour scheme on the front of the Finecast Box as it will be the standard for the next few years.

Commissars are not really the kind of people that you would want to spend any time with. Their main function is to keep the men in their charge in line, executing both commanders and lower ranks should they show 'cowardice'. In the Imperial Guard such cowardice would include the reluctance to throw your life away on hopeless causes. While Yarrick would not hesitate to take such action his leadership inspires his men making such instances rare.

His reputation was enhanced when he single handedly fought an Ork Warboss who severed Yarrick's arm off with a power claw. Yarrick fought on decapitating the Warboss' and crying out the battle charge before allowing himself to pass out. This led the orks to believe that he could not be kill and that he could kill with a mere glance.To encourage this reputation Yarrick had the very power claw he had lost his arm to be fitted in replacement, and later when he lost an eye, to have a laser fitted in the socket so that he could actual kill using his orks.

I've based Yarrick on a plain sand base to match the rest of the battle force.

The line on the cap was very frustrating. Despite taking the usual precautions the line keep reappearing. More noticeable in the photo than in real life.

Close up of the claw. In the Ork style rather than the usual Imperium power fists.

Most of the detail on the model is on the breast plate and cap.

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  1. Very nice detail work there Mr P, very nice.