Sunday, 18 September 2011

Big is Beautiful!

With the release of Games Workshop's new Ogre Army Models I decided to take the plunge and build a new army. Few would disagree that the ogres needed a new book and it's one of the few book releases that I was looking forward to getting. Big is beautiful in this new book and the models are true 'eye candy'.

First thing that I noticed is the change in skin colour. Ogres were always known for their khaki skin colour which has changed to a dwarf skin colour. A change I whole heartedly agree with but different none the less. Magic has been brought into line with other magical lores in that they have a signiature spell and six others. The lore attribute allows the slaughtermaster/butcher to heal himself with the occasional mishap causing more damage.

This photo is slightly blurred but does indicate the scale of some of the new ogre models. Shown here is the new 'Thundertusk' next to a Bretonnian Knight. (I Know who my money would be on!)

During the past week since my purchase I've made up some plastic bases, removed and smoothed mould line and under coated a major portion of the army. I have only completed three 'Iron Guts' and made a slaughtermaster/butcher from a standard ogre and some bits. As I intend to keep and play this army for years I am in no rush to get these guys done.

While still a core choice the ironguts are among the hardest hitting units in the game. They have a strength 4 stat line with +2 for great weapons wounding most troops on a 2 up. With three attacks each that makes the eye watering for enemy troops. The main downfall is a relatively low armour save for the cost. Heavy armour with 43 points each irongut, ouch. The dragonhide banner is worth a mention for this unit allowing you to re role 1's on hits, wounds, armour saves and ward saves. You can also use a breadth weapon from it, all for 50 points- bargain!

I used vallejo red ink for the blood because the gloss allows it to look fresh.

These slaughtermaster/butchers are known for their insatiable appetite so a rack of ribs seemed appropriate. 

The constant up and down of the slaughtermaster/butcher's wounds I've represented using spears in the foot. Oh yes that is a full size shield on his shoulder blade!

There will be more to come from ogres in the next few weeks - I think I'm in love ;)

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  1. Great looking figures Ade; that Thundertusk model is a monster (literally). Looks like the Mancave may need an extension.