Sunday, 17 February 2013

Painting Diary 2013 - 4

In the past two weeks I have completed the construction/reconditioning of some Tomb King figures. I swapped some Lizard Men with Andy for some these Tomb Kings and I wanted to paint them to match the other figures in my army.

The scorpions were still in the original packaging are are made from metal. Say what you like about finecast it is a lot easier to glue together than metal. That said you do feel that you have your monies worth when picking up metal figures.

The paint scheme is quiet simple. A priming coat of Bone from the Army Painter's range with detail picked out using regular miniature paints. When fully dry I used the 'Dark' quickshade again from Army Painter. I fixed the sand used on the base using sand. (No point painting sand to look like sand!)

Three chariots using the same technique. It is important to let the quickshade fully dry before the base is applied as it will never come off the varnish if applied when sticky.

Finally I used a spare Tomb King/Prince from the Warsphinx kit to give me the option of a mounted hero.

I found it a lot easier to paint the figures then gluing the men on the back of the chariot rather than painting them in place. Once the quickshade was fully dry I applied the anti shine spray to remove the gloss finish of the varnish. This does of the effect of making the metallics look dull but these can always been coated in a gloss varnish if required.

Painted models so far in 2013 = 36.

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