Sunday, 20 January 2013

Painting Diary 2013 - 3

Managed to get out into the mancave this week partly due to a half 'snow day'.

Mainly focused on the Dark Angels Army that I am painting up.

A Company Master. I am not sure yet but I would like the regular looking Space Marines to be from the same company. I gave the company logo on the right knee pad as the left is covered by the flag draped over his shoulder. 

I built the land speeder, Sableclaw, to carry Sammael. This gives the land speeder both a twin linked heavy bolter and assault cannon. The inclusion of Sammael also means that I can take any Ravenwing atwtack squadrons as troop choices.

I have given the land speeder a simple colour and highlight colour technique and in time intend to add text to the book.

No army of Space Marines would be complete with the rank and file tactical unit. This unit is from the 'Dark Vengeance  box set. Could also be fielded as two units of five. The beard and crew cut hair cut I obtained with the black wash. A single coat allows the skin tone to show through giving the impression of short hair.

All that is missing from this unit are the company badges on their left knee. I will probably go for the third company in the end, a simple red diagonal line.

Painted models so far in 2013 = 28.

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  1. 28 models in 20 days and painted at an above tabletop standard. Very impressive Ade.