Friday, 13 April 2012

Which Witch Hunter?

The Easter Holiday has given me some extra time on the hobby, perfectly timed for the new Empire releases from GW on the 7th April 2012.

The finecast witch hunter is a great looking model with a huge amount of detail. There were some imperfections in the figure. Tiny air bubbles but on a miniature this detailed exaggerated any imperfection. 

I found the new Carroburg Crimson wash, or shade as they are now called, very intense but worked well when targeted into the folds of the miniatures cloak only. The new Khorne Red had an excellent coverage of the black undercoat. The Wazdakka red was the perfect compliment for the line highlights. I will get more as I need them rather than investing £333 in the whole range.

I've included some pictures below, I just wish I could do the model justice. 

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