Monday, 19 August 2013

Converting a Herald of Khorne - WargamingForFun's Fantasy Escalation

I was determined to use the Herald model that comes as one of the option builds for the skull canon build in the daemons kits.

Luckily the Herald doesn't share any parts with the alternative build so a full herald can be built. Unfortunately the model when built the model is in a full stretched leg pose, something similar to a scene from a ballet rather than a battle.

First cut was along the upper thigh to change the orientation of the leg. A small amount of plastic was removed in a 'V' shape to ensure the required direction.

Next cut was at the elbow to ensure the lower arm is twisted to accommodate the flag pole in a vertical pose rather than horizontal. The original arm reached out to grab a chain.

The final mod was the most complicated. I cut a flag pole and drilled out the centre of both parts of the pole. I then removed the chain link from the Herald's hand and drilled straight through the remaining fist. A paper clip was then positioned from one pole through to the other pole via the Herald's hand. I used both a touch of super glue for the initial metal to plastic fix with some plastic glue to complete the joint. I hope this will be strong enough for the gaming arena.

I used a few parts from left over Warriors of Chaos kits to create a suitable base. No texture at this point as I haven't decided upon theme for the army yet.

He does stand up on his own too.

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